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Wedding Shower Mania

DSCN0863What a week!


I just got back to Colorado from CT where I spent time with my daughter and many friends and relatives for her Wedding Shower Mania weekend.

We had three showers in three days and it was wonderful!



Here are a few of pics of the three showers…

DSCN0822One with her maid of honor and two of her bridesmaids… her third bridesmaid is actually a “bridesman”, so he was excused!













One with one of her future grandmother in laws…











One with her grandma…













One with me and her future mother in law…







One with a couple of her “maids’…DSCN0858






One with a couple of her cousins…














One with me!











One of the cupcakes her maid of honor made- they were delicious! And soooooo cute!







DSCN0910When you have three showers, you end up with quite the ribbon bouquet-

or hat!

Such a cutie- goofy girl!













Don’t forget- our Notion Commotion blog Hop starts on Tuesday- first up will be Kris Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Designs!

You can see the whole schedule here.

Have a great weekend!

happy quilting,



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