quilt made with leftover flying geese units
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What to do with leftover fabrics?

Hi friends!

I hope you are having a good summer. I have been working on getting caught up after my busy spring and finally have all my new patterns on the website!

Phew. Just in time to start the next batch of new designs.

One of the things I am doing with some of my patterns is adding in a bonus project to use up those leftover bits. The first one was my pattern Up and Down. OMG. I just love this quilt. 

Up and Down, a quilt design by Kate Colleran


To make the flying geese in this quilt, I used the 4 FG at once method. And so you have a few geese leftover. I didn’t want those geese to go to waste- they were too pretty! So I designed a small quilt using the leftover geese.

quilt made with leftover flying geese units
Leftover quilt


Next I added extra projects to both Hop the Fence and Woven In to use up those leftover bits of the 2 ½” strips, 10″ squares or 5″ squares.


Bonus quilt using leftover strips
Bonus Mini from Woven In Crib quilt!


I am starting my next round of quilt designs and am making at least one of my new quilts have some bonus leftover projects. What do you think?

Good idea or…?

Off to do quilt math!

happy quilting,


4 thoughts on “What to do with leftover fabrics?”

  1. I love to make minis with leftovers! Great idea to include the bonus as some people cannot do it without a pattern. Love the ones with flying geese.

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