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Adventure Quilt- Block 11

Hi friends! 

Week 11 of the Adventure Quilt … a Road Trip quilt Quilt Along is here!



This week’s blocks are pretty easy to do. BUT read the next paragraph before you just go to the end of the post and grab the block!!!!

Back in week 4- with the Great Divide block- we had you cut some 3″ squares of the Very Dark Green and the Dark Green and some 2 ½” squares of the Dark Green and Medium Dark Green. BY ACCIDENT, we also had you cut three 3″ squares of the Medium Dark Green. You don’t need these so just set them aside. We are so sorry about that!

On to Block 11!

Block 11 is really a few different blocks. We called this week Open Spaces as these blocks will go into some of the open spaces in the quilt! 

Sometimes in a quilt a little open space is good. Gives your eyes a place to rest.

How about when you are on the road? Do you ever make a stop and wander an open space? Open spaces are often the places where we can get close to nature, take a break from the road, wander a trail, see the trees and just take a deep breath. 

So for most of our open spaces blocks, we used Very Light Green and our background, to keep the blocks light with a nod to green spaces. 

You will be making a couple of 4 patch blocks.

And a small row.

green and white four patch blocks
Four Patch Blocks and Small Row


And some 9 patch blocks.

Note with the smaller 9 patch blocks that you need to use a SCANT ¼” seam allowance or the blocks will be too small.

green and white nine patch blocks
Nine Patch Blocks


And what we called 6 patch blocks.

dark green and medium green six patch blocks
Six Patch Blocks


Since this is such easy peasy sewing we won’t be having a Facebook Live this week. Click here or on the image below for Block 11.


Next week, both Tammy and I will be posting about the Final Frontier, but the link to the final PDF will be on Tammy’s blog.

And we might have a bonus PDF for you the following week, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been sewing along with us. I hope you have been having fun making your blocks. 

See you next week for our final PDF of the quilt!

happy quilting,


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