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Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

Hi friends!

Today is my day on the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop! 



My studio is usually a mess. And since many of us can say that, nothing new there. I like to say it is organized chaos; in that I know where everything is, it is just all over the place!

Projects under the desk!


But right now, it is even more chaotic because I leave tomorrow for Quilt Market. So I have projects all over the place. And the kittens have been helping by knocking things off the shelves in the closet area!

Closet mess- thank you for helping kittens!


I function much better when the studio is clean. Even the organized chaos can start to stress me out. But it is so hard to keep things under control.

The thought of cleaning my entire studio seemed so overwhelming. So, for this blog hop, I decided that I would focus on what makes things get so out of hand. I already have places for my tools like my rulers and rotary cutter, scissors etc. And this storage works well for me.

peg board


I also have a system of fabric storage for some of my leftover fabric that works pretty well. I have bins for different colored fabric, bins for precuts etc..


So what is the issue?

One: volume! My current level of fabric is more than my current system of bins for storage can handle!

Two: Fabric for current projects. I constantly have more than one project going on at the same time and each project has lots of fabric. I need a better way to store each project or it ends up on the floor.

Projects piled on the floor


And then when I am done, the leftover fabric ends up… well, back on the floor!

So I decided to try more bins.  

Bins organized by project


And clear off a shelf in my bookcase and see if that works for storing projects.

Cleaned up bookcase


Do you have a good system for current projects or ones that will be current really soon? I would love to hear what works for you.

I will admit; I have more to do in this studio to get it really clean. But that is a project for another day. Right now, I have my projects organized, my tools in place and I can see my bookcase. 

That is a win in my book!

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In the meantime…happy quilting!



4 thoughts on “Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop”

  1. Hello! Your studio looks nice. I have the same problem. About once a month I try to get all the projects off the floor and put away, but they seem to creep right back out again. I’ve even moved some of my bins to a screened sewing porch right outside my studio. Your space looks lovely! Have a fabulous day!

  2. My problem is my studio is also for my drawing, scrapbooking and other craft items. I’m trying to go through and get rid of things I’m no longer interested in or think I’ll never use…but that takes time away from sewing!!!
    As for how I store my current projects, which I have many going at once, I use the bins with the hinged lids…they are over 12 x 12 so a finish block fits in there perfect and it seems to hold all the fabric I need for that project.

    1. Sheila,
      Those bins sound very good! I think they may be what I use to store all my steps outs for the classes I teach. Hmmmm… maybe a few more for projects will be a good purchase! Thanks!

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